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    Buying a home does not have to be a complicated process and if you Choose your REALTOR® Wisely, you will have an enjoyable, stress free experience resulting in you owning YOUR very own DREAM HOME!
    My profession and all consuming, passionate business focus is first and foremost as a REALTOR®.  In addition, in a complimentary capacity I am a Mortgage Agent and I have a wealth of experience helping Buyers just like YOU, successfully realizing your Home Ownership Dreams!
    "Only Solutions, Not Problems"
    I have a great deal of experience in successfully securing mortgages at competitive interest rates for my clients in numerous seemingly "complicated" situations when the "Bank" said NO.
    Whether a Buyer Client or a Seller Client, 100% of my commitment as your REALTOR®, is to YOUR $UCCE$$.  
    My commitment to ALL of my clients is to dedicate ALL of my resources to YOUR $UCCE$$!   In order to ensure OUR mutual success, I am 110% committed to ONLY working with Qualified Buyers and Motivated Sellers.  
    In my additional capacity as a Mortgage Agent, my ONLY focus is to better serve YOU, my valued Real Estate Client, as YOUR REALTOR®.  With this in mind, I pre-qualify ALL of my Buyer Clients which means as a Buyer Client you can proceed in pursuit of YOUR dream home with the sound confidence of a Mortgage Pre-Approval.  As a Seller Client, this means that I will ONLY ever show your home to Buyers where I have a definitive knowledge of their status as a Qualified Buyer for YOUR home.  
    During the Mortgage Pre-Approval process I am afforded an opportunity to become uniquely acquainted with my Buyer Clients which means that as a Buyer Client I gain a more intimate understanding of your specific home buying criteria which has proven to realize ultimate success in a much more efficient manner.  As a Seller Client, this means that the Buyer Clients I show your home to are not only better suited and better qualified potential buyers, however buyers that are much closer to making a purchasing decision.
    Choose your REALTOR® Wisely.  Choose Mark.
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